Be Thankful and Live Your Passion Out Loud!!

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Today (or should I say this morning, it’s 12:54 am after all, I went to be at 6 pm, I was exhausted, what can I say), I am inspired a strangers gratitude and ability to grab life by its horns. She is still smiling despite the abrupt suicide of her mom in 1998. She is still thankful throughout all of life’s screwy curveballs. She is still able to get out of bed and do what it is she LOVES to do, what she is passionate about. So am I.

I’m thankful and determined more than ever to live my passion. So many people quip in passing, ‘Life is to too short’ but how many of those people actually pay attention to the words they’ve just spoken.

Today I too am grateful. I’m thankful for my family which consists of my hubby, child and 2 weims.

More than anything though, I am thankful to be able to live my dreams and pursue my passion with the full support of my family.

You be thankful too and MOST of all LIVE YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!! You only have one life to live and it’s too short.

That is all.

Happy passions!!

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