7 Quick Ways to Help Improve Your Diet

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This is a quick, down and dirty list that you can easily incorporate to help you achieve your goal of eating better. You can even do a little bit everyday over the next few months and would have accomplished a ton. Ok, let’s get down to it. #1 (or day 1): If you haven’t already done so, clean out your pantry and get rid of the junk. Replace boxed meals with fruits and veges (for the week, this helps wasting money due to spoilage), beans such as lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, etc, and whole grains like amaranth, quinoa, brown rice, etc. … Continued

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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Are you interested in eating healthier and have read and agree with all the literature but are still having a hard time spending the extra money on organic produce and animal products from your neighborhood market? No need to fear, CSAs are your answer. What’s a CSA you might ask? Well CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is basically your neighborhood local farmer that offers a number of “shares.” It’s kind of like a club membership. With club memberships, you pay your dues in the beginning of the year (or whenever) and you use the club amenities. It’s the … Continued

In-Depth Look: Rosemary, An Energy Booster

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Origin: A native of the Mediterranean countries, rosemary has been used as a medicine and a sacred herb for thousands of years. As a medicinal herb it is used primarily as a tonic for nervousness, depression and headaches. It is also one of the classic culinary herbs. Therapeutic properties Rosemary is a very versatile, warming oil, which has the effect of stimulating and unblocking various systems in the body. It may be used in massage blends and compresses, steam inhalations, in the bath and for room fragrancing. Rosemary combines well with many oils, especially basil, lavender; lemongrass, olibanum, orange, peppermint, … Continued

Hold On!! Your Breakthrough Is Around the Corner

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A couple nights ago, with one word that I read in a book, I had my breakthrough. If you read a little bit about me, you’d know that I was in the military 12 years and now in the process of reinventing myself. This hasn’t been an easy process. I went straight into the military after college so all I’ve known most of my adult life is the military. I had many WONDERFUL experiences in the military and I would not trade that for anything. However unique the industry of defense is, it is a wonderful opportunity to see places … Continued

Explosively Boost your Energy to Revive your Life and Achieve any Goal.

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Have you ever woken up and about 30 mins after getting up, wanted to go right back to sleep? How about the 3pm hump? How about the new mom that is trying to get survive the first few months of her precious gift. Really, it’s a fact of life, most people have experienced and still experience chronic low energy. Just look at the statistics of emergency room visits due to energy drink consumption. Medical News Today noted that according to a government survey, the number of emergency room visits, between 2007 and 2011, doubled, increasing from over 10,000 visits to … Continued

Thanksgiving Week Sales!!

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Hey Everyone!! Just wanted to share a couple thanksgiving week sales. Certified Organic products are the best gifts you can give yourself, family and the earth. Offer runs from Nov 25 – 30 so ACT NOW!!. 1: Take 20% off these items: English Lavender Organic Body Collection Frankincense Organic Spa Collection Geranium & Orange Body Collection Pure Indulgence Organic Spa Collection Rose & Geranium Organic Body Collection NYR Men Skincare Essentials Ginger & Vanilla Organic Body Collection Melissa Organic Handcare Collection Herbal Organic Bathing Collection Beauty Sleep Organic Spa Collection You can find those here: http://moniquebaskin.com/organic-gifts/ (For the men’s skincare, … Continued

Your Skin Will Carry You Through Life

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The most important factor(s) in caring for your skin can be pared down to a few simple tenets of skin care: 1) Understanding what skin is; not just on your face, but all over your body 2) Understand how to care for your skin correctly before the application of cosmetics and skin care products 3) It is not just your skin topically, you must eat properly and exercise in order for your skin to be at its’ healthy optimum. A brief education on the incredible organ that envelops your whole body Did I just call the skin an organ? I … Continued

4 Steps To Your Skin Type

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Step 1: Clean Up! Wash your face thoroughly. Do not use a soap-based cleanser, and do not use a moisturizing type of cleanser. The problem with soaps used on the face is that they leave a soapy film, which will hinder getting the correct skin type diagnosis. The same goes for using a moisturizing cleanser. It will moisten you skin and give you an incorrect skin type result. Also make sure not to over wash or over scrub your face because you can easily dry out your skin by over scrubbing or washing for too long. This ruins any chance … Continued

Be Thankful and Live Your Passion Out Loud!!

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Today (or should I say this morning, it’s 12:54 am after all, I went to be at 6 pm, I was exhausted, what can I say), I am inspired a strangers gratitude and ability to grab life by its horns. She is still smiling despite the abrupt suicide of her mom in 1998. She is still thankful throughout all of life’s screwy curveballs. She is still able to get out of bed and do what it is she LOVES to do, what she is passionate about. So am I. I’m thankful and determined more than ever to live my passion. … Continued

Sustainable Products Review!! The Mighty ‘Diva Cup’

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  ***SPOILER ALERT!! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!*** Ok, so I thought it would be fun to do a product review today. I wouldn’t call myself thrifty (I’m not patient nor diligent enough to watch deals and shop the bargain brands). In fact I hate shopping (please don’t judge me). When I have a need, I prefer to jump in my car, go to the mall, try on a couple shirts, pick one, pay for it and drive home. Nope, don’t like spending hours just wandering the mall, trying on tons of clothes, accessories and window shopping. I keep … Continued

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