A few years ago, I had just returned home from my high paying and high status job and although I don’t remember the circumstances, I remember that I yelled at my daughter…when she was 2. Yeah. I had just yelled a 2-year old for being a 2-year old. I was completely stressed out and was filled with guilt but knew in that instant that something had to change. I was taking out my stress on my family, still had my affectionately-called ‘baby pouch’ (that was growing) and I no longer the epitome of health that I used to be when I was in the military.

I confided in my mentor and another fellow veteran about my situation. At the time, I didn’t quite understand but they both guided and coached me back to re-engaging with the dreams and visions I had for myself, encouraged me to take small steps towards achieving them and helped me to slowly gain back the control that had completely slipped away. I lost the weight I had gained, I was no longer stressed and taking out my frustration on those closest to me. And it was really easy to stay on track because I had finally the support system I needed to encourage me.

That time in my life was pretty significant because I left my high paying/high status job to do something that I was passionate about and truly wanted to do. I left if for something that didn’t adversely affect me or those that I cared about the most, in fact, it did the opposite. I left it to help other C-Suite women who are in the exact same spot that I was in. While I don’t recommend that everyone take the route I did (only if they want to of course), I know that I can help you

get back in control and give up that feeling like you are drowning and can’t keep up. It was thininformal coaching experience helped me to remember that not only did I have what it took to get back in control but I as a military member, I had help others get to and sustain their health and wellness. In fact I had close to 2 decades of continual health related training and experience. Not only was I meant to be in the health and wellness field, but after 12 years in the military where I internalized the processes of health and wellness, it was only a matter of time before I returned to my first love.

So I sat down and began to analyze who I was, where I had been and where I currently was. I still had this passion within me but because I had let fear dictate my life, I wound up stressed out, overweight and mistreating my family. I called up another friend (really a sister because she too an AF veteran), who after listening to me, reminded me again of the skills I had acquired while in the military and gave me some great suggestions to begin the research process. It was then that I made a conscious decision to put myself and family above others, get clear on what I valued and made plans on how I would achieve them. I started exploring options within the health and wellness field again. I read books, called different health industry professionals (including my college professor) and got additional health and wellness certifications.

Looking around, it was easy to see that I wasn’t the only person experiencing an unfulfilled health life and increasing stress (among other things). I found research which indicated that 95% of people weren’t engaged in the top 5 health behaviors, 65% of people in this country are overweight or obese, 70% aren’t thriving or engaged at work, 58% are addicted to technology and 80% of adults are not thriving (mentally). But not only that, they were unable to set, achieve AND sustain their health and wellness goals.

I am in a much happier place in my life. Using the coaching skills I was taught I was able to truly analyze my life and come up with a plan that worked for me, right where I was. I feel no guilt and have goals which I achieve. I am certainly have setbacks and unforeseen situations come up but I have a plan to address them and most of all, I have been able to sustain the level of health that I have chosen for me. Because of this journey, I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others achieve what I have been able to without any regret and with complete peace and focus.